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Are you ready to feel

radiantly Alive & Well?

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Your body has the innate ability to heal.

We only have to tap into it's source.

I can help.

Hi!  I'm Dr. Aliya.

From my years of training as a Nurse, a Holistic Functional MD and as an Intuitive Guide, there’s one thing I know to be true: 
True healing begins with self-discovery.

With my blended background of science and soul, of eastern & western health practices and intuitive guidance, I can help you go within to understand the root causes of your current state and what’s blocking your wellbeing. 

Your body, energy, mind and emotion are the inner compass to a healthy and radiant life.
Together, we’ll go beneath the surface of your symptoms and listen to your being. 
This is the path to true wellness.

Let's tap into your body’s innate wisdom. 

You’re the healer. I’m your guide.



Words of Well-Beings



What I found most attractive with Dr. Aliya was the combination of the grounded medical science approach that also looks at everything holistically. She takes the time to dig in, investigate and find the root cause and she really listened to me and my concerns. After working with Dr. Aliya I lost 30 pounds, felt amazing and didn’t even feel like I was dieting because I was satisfied and never hungry. I now feel energized waking up in the morning, I sleep much better, I don’t feel hungry anymore, I actually feel 10 years younger!

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