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Get Clarity on How to Heal

with Dr. Aliya

This is your opportunity to have your story heard and get clarity on your next steps.
Personal Wellness

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Choose what you need: 

Essentials Only or take a Deep Dive

Choose what you need

Before Dr. Aliya, I’d seen countless doctors for a severe chronic skin condition - but all I got were band aid solutions, or prescriptions for pharmaceuticals that didn't work.

I hadn’t worked with someone with the same blend of experience and skills that Dr. Aliya had and I felt her holistic view could help.

After 2 weeks of following the health plan, my skin is looking the best it has in a LONG time

- Thomas

Vitality Visit

Vitality Visit

~ The Essentials ~

Receive on-the-spot holistic guidance in a 15 minute visit.

A quick and easy way to get a holistic & natural approach to your health challenges & start with simple steps to well-being.


How much can we do in 15 minutes?

With years of experience in busy walk-in clinics, practicing functional medicine, and providing holistic, nature-based solutions,

I know exactly how to tap into your needs and focus on solutions efficiently.

With our joint commitment to better your health, it's mind-blowing how much we can achieve in one session!

Bring what you’ve got, and we’ll work through it together. 🙌🏼

I felt so supported, like I wasn’t battling my health alone for once - because I literally had a mini Dr. Aliya in my pocket! Honestly my health is SO MUCH BETTER and I feel like I know what I’m doing to keep it that way

- Hannah

Be Wellthy

With this, you get to:

  • A deeper understanding of your body, mind, energy, emotion.

  • Source the root causes of your current dis-ease.

  • Learn sustainable holistic lifestyle tools to assist your body's ability to heal.

  • Feel empowered and take responsibility for your health.

  • Receive a step-by-step plan to begin your journey to well-being.

  • Have guidance during the 2 week start-up of your care plan 

Why 2 weeks of follow up?


These 2 weeks are like having training wheels on your bike.

Starting out on a new journey can be tricky to navigate on your own.

Having a guide is supportive and allows you to continue forward rather than feeling overwhelmed and giving up.

It provides accountability and strength when done together.

Ask questions as they come up, share updates, and receive check-ins via text/email.

I love this service, because it really gives you clear direction on your health goals,

and the steps to achieving them.


I’m so delighted to be offering this to you and helping you get started!

Be Wellthy

~ The Deep Dive ~

60 minute consultation PLUS 2 weeks of direct support 

This amazing 60 minutes is all about YOU! 🙌

I listen to your health story and learn what your health goals are.

I use a comprehensive approach at understanding your system through Body, Energy, Mind, and Emotion.

Once I have understood your needs, I create a plan of immediate next steps to get your health back on track.

My background in western & eastern medical science, functional medicine and other integrative approaches,

helps to shape the plan that we create together uniquely for you.

Pretty cool, right!

"Dr Aliya is so knowledgeable and respectful.

I feel included and encouraged to take charge of my health, to learn detailed health information and apply it in my life so I can heal and feel better."


Follow Up

~ The Evolution ~


30-60 minute appointments based on your needs.

When should I follow up?  

  • Needing additional support or direction for your health

  • Something in your life or health has changed and you need new guidance

  • Feeling better and want to take the next steps to learning about you and further your well-being journey.

30 or 60 minutes

Choose based on what you feel is needed for you.


What Our Clients Say...

  • What is the 'aliyamd Optimal Health Plan'?
    It's a comprehensive package that incorporates a functional medicine framework (see photo depiction below), and a blend of integrative modalities such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbology, yogic sciences and intuitive discovery of body, energy, mind, and emotion.  The objective being self-discovery: to understand the root causes of your illness and befriend your system in a way that you can then guide your own healing.✨
  • What is Dr. Aliya's approach to well-being?
    "By knowing yourself, you know nature, life, and well-being." ~ Dr. Aliya In her sessions, she focuses on learning about you and your current state, to get a better sense of the root causes. Then she teaches you about what's going on and why, and what to do about it using a holistic approach with each dimension of: Body, Energy, Mind and Emotion. Her approach is based on her experiences in Western and Eastern Medicine, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching & Guidance, and sustainability practices harvested from nature. Get a sample of her talk on Simplifying the Immune System here.
  • What happens in a Discovery Consultation?
    ​​You get to tell me your story. I want to listen & learn where you are at. I'll share the insights I receive about what's happening, and provide guidance. Together we'll create an actionable plan for your well-being. Each step we take towards your health will also be a step within, to consciously bring awareness to your being & know yourself, so you become your own doctor.
  • Will Dr. Aliya act as my family physician?
    Dr. Aliya no longer acts as a conventional family physician. Instead, she teaches you how to be your own doctor! Sessions with Dr. Aliya are not considered medical appointments, but rather Well-Being Consultations. Please note: we don't offer pharmaceutical prescriptions or lab requisitions.
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