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Community Calls are Interactive Well-Being Webinars with Dr. Aliya.

This 60 minute session includes a Q&A and Guided Meditation.

(and sometimes dancing!)

Creating Community Well-being
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What the Community Says...

Our Community Evolution

What started out as in-person Functional Medicine classes,

has now evolved to online health-conscious gatherings. 

In 2017:

Dr. Aliya began hosting Functional Medicine Education sessions called E3 (Educate, Empower, Evolve)

to provide accessible education on the body's innate ability to heal,

so that individuals felt empowered about their health,

and could evolve optimally with radiant well-being.


Accessibility to information on the body's innate ability to heal, in sessions that are easy to understand and apply


Simple and sustainable practices that inspire application of self care independently at home.


Continue a journey of learning and self-discovery  to support your optimal well-being sustainably

In 2020:

Dr. Aliya started "Community Calls", an online gathering to help support individuals looking for

a holistic and natural way to reduce inflammation and improve their immune system function.

Her 60 minute online sessions incorporate systems of sustainable self care focused on

Body, Energy, Mind, Emotion.

Whether Dr. Aliya focuses her teaching on a specific topic or holds an open Q&A

she begins and concludes all sessions with a Meditation

to support peace and well-being.

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