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I'm your Guide.

You're the Healer

The ability to heal is within you.

Let's get you access to it!


Know yourself, so you can heal yourself.
-Dr. Aliya

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aliyamd began...

From nurse, to medical doctor, to training in integrative & functional medicine, eastern modalities & various herbal and holistic therapies, intuitive healing, life coaching and classical hatha yoga have led to an evolution of myself and the way I practice.

I've learned that well-being is not a ‘one & done’ kinda deal. It’s part of life's incredible journey and continues to evolve.

As I evolve, so does my practice.

My holistic approach to well-being involves carefully observing the body, energy, mind, and emotions, understanding the imbalances (root causes) of the system that are leading to dis-ease or suffering. 

I teach you as we explore together, so that you are at the center of your own care, and can understand how to sustain your self discovery and self care as you continue to evolve.

My own journey to wellness has allowed me to discover myself in such a rich way.

While in medical school I remember looking in the mirror one day and seeing someone I didn't aged and tired face, thinning hair, cystic acne, weight gain, dull complexion, and the brightness from my eyes was gone

I remember feeling awful. Even beyond the appearance, I was tired all the time, had poor recall, and major lack of focus or interest.

With doctors around me all day, I shared my symptoms and received labels consisting of possible depression, dermatitis, and a hormonal imbalance.  The offered treatment included anti-depressants, a birth control pill, and antibiotics. 

My entire body cringed. I knew this wasn't the path for me.

A feeling so deep in my being knew that my body had the ability to heal. This syndrome of symptoms was just the push I needed to get started on my quest.


My intuition began to blossom and thrive.


Looking at the root causes, I was digging deep to find the answers to all the "why’s" of my ill-health. 

When I didn’t find that in conventional western medicine, I began learning eastern medicine like ayurveda, chinese medicine, jin shin jyutsu, and studying various herbs and plants.


I explored the earth and went back to basics, beginning to understand how we are made of the 5 elements, and the delicate balance required between them to maintain health.

​I followed astrology, cyclical patterns of our solar system, and the connection to our beings.

​I began exploring energy in addition to the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions of existence.


My intuition began to blossom and thrive.

As I've evolved, I realize I'm focusing more and more inward and I'm amazed at how much there is to discover within.

All the answers I ever sought have been inside all along. 

And guess what…you have it too!


Let’s tap in, I’ll be here to guide you.

Image by Guillaume Galtier

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