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Optimal Health
@ Home

The Optimal Health Plan is back!

And, this time, I'm coming to your place!

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It's been a dream of mine to offer home visits,
and a request from many,
so I'm making it happen. 🥳


A personalized, private workshop in your living room, 1 on 1, avec moi,

with a health plan and tools that you can use lifelong to heal, and sustain your well-being. 🤩


Who's this for?

Since I'll be in the Victoria area, BC from March  -  April, I'm offering this to anyone within the area depicted on the map below:

map of inclusion for home visit.PNG

Are you in another area and need a visit?

Let me know where you're located & what you're needing and we'll plan it together!

Click here to send me a message

Who's this for?

What will the home visit consist of?

This one day event (5 hours) is all done at your home, 1 on 1 with me, discovering more about YOU, learning how you heal, and optimizing your environment & lifestyle so you can really live vibrantly and in Optimal Health!


We organize our time together into these 3 sessions:

1. Discovery Consultation

In this 90 min session we:

  • review of your life/health history

  • discover root causes of symptoms & dis-ease

  • get clear on your goals for health

During this session you'll learn self-observation skills that help identify your sources of inflammation, and we'll create a personalized care plan for the well being of your body, mind, emotions, and energy. 


2. Environment Review & Optimization

looking in a fridge_edited.jpg

In this 90-120 min session, together we evaluate:

  • Bedroom - how you sleep & rest 

  • Kitchen - how you cook & eat

  • Washroom - how you cleanse & eliminate

  • EMF review of the home (electromagnetic fields)


These are the places in the home we often spend the most time, and should be aware of the things in these spaces that could be triggers for inflammation, draining our energy, and adding to the load of our immune systems.

During this session you’ll learn ways to level-up your living spaces to create the most supportive environments for wellness. 

3. Movement

In this 90 min session we:

  • Assess your physical structure & function to see how you move

  • Create a personalized exercise practice you can do at home


During this session you’ll learn daily and weekly body movement practices to enhance & strengthen your body, mind, and energy.


And then??

Happy Twins

We Celebrate YOU!

Because, we can :)

And also, because now you'll have more clarity, a plan of action, and understanding of:

  • The root causes & triggers to your symptoms and what to do about it

  • The role your body, energy, mind & emotions play in your health

  • How to support your health by optimizing your environments

  • How to sustain your self-care practices long term 

  • What is the 'aliyamd Optimal Health Plan'?
    It's a comprehensive package that incorporates a functional medicine framework (see photo depiction below), and a blend of integrative modalities such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, herbology, yogic sciences and intuitive discovery of body, energy, mind, and emotion.  The objective being self-discovery: to understand the root causes of your illness and befriend your system in a way that you can then guide your own healing.✨
  • What is Dr. Aliya's approach to well-being?
    "By knowing yourself, you know nature, life, and well-being." ~ Dr. Aliya In her sessions, she focuses on learning about you and your current state, to get a better sense of the root causes. Then she teaches you about what's going on and why, and what to do about it using a holistic approach with each dimension of: Body, Energy, Mind and Emotion. Her approach is based on her experiences in Western and Eastern Medicine, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching & Guidance, and sustainability practices harvested from nature. Get a sample of her talk on Simplifying the Immune System here.
  • What happens in a Discovery Consultation?
    ​​You get to tell me your story. I want to listen & learn where you are at. I'll share the insights I receive about what's happening, and provide guidance. Together we'll create an actionable plan for your well-being. Each step we take towards your health will also be a step within, to consciously bring awareness to your being & know yourself, so you become your own doctor.
  • Will Dr. Aliya act as my family physician?
    Dr. Aliya no longer acts as a conventional family physician. Instead, she teaches you how to be your own doctor! Sessions with Dr. Aliya are not considered medical appointments, but rather Well-Being Consultations. Please note: we don't offer pharmaceutical prescriptions or lab requisitions.
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